by Marianne Vernacchia on 04/20/21

During the pandemic I’ve had to adjust my time spent each day, as all of us have, and find new ways to cope, change my expectations, find new rituals and develop new habits. One of the new habits (I hope) that I’ve formed is taking a daily walk and listening to an inspirational/motivational, or educational podcast. Something I heard a few days ago, rocked my world!

Author and shame expert, Brené Brown said something to the effect of, “Things really changed, when I realized that I’M IT.”  


That scared the bejesus out of me!  It’s true. I am IT.  Nobody is coming to the rescue! Nobody or nothing outside myself is going to do for me, make my life better, more complete, or make better decisions for me than ME. I AM IT!  

After letting this sink in, I began to feel an inkling of excitement along with the fear.  This means I can do whatever I want!  Whatever I think is best!  I not only can, but I have to rely on my own thinking and ideas, and guess what? I am the most qualified for the job!  I have to be open to feedback, compromise in relationships at times, but I am the only one who’s opinions and judgements matter most.  My life and future is my responsibility.  I have the most power over it. It is up to me to make my life what I want it to be, or what I think it should be!  Nothing magical is going to happen to change my life or world. WOW!  I am the one who has to do it…I am IT!

So, today, I challenge you…

Spend a week reminding yourself that YOU ARE IT!  What are you going to do next?  What’s the next chapter going to look like?  What kind of tweaking, or changes might you want to make?

See you soon and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on you being “IT”.

© 2021 Marianne Vernacchia, MFT#35980 

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