Psychotherapy is a collaborative and supportive, confidential and professional relationship with a licensed, trained clinician that aids a client in solving life problems. Psychotherapy is clinically proven to increase an individual's health and well-being. A therapist's job is to be a hundred percent focused on a client's situation, maintain confidentiality, and apply their clinical skills to help a client learn how to better manage their relationships, stress, moods, hardship, or grief. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques from talking and rapport building to identifying underlying thoughts, feelings and motivations that lead to problematic interactions with others, feelings and behaviors.  


I believe that everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Whether it be for self-exploration and growth, gaining support through stressful times, or seeking relief from a mood or emotional disorder. Given today's hectic pace, frantic pursuit of material goods and survival, I think it's essential we take the time to focus inward on how we're feeling and coping each week, or we will never become conscious about how we're truly doing and where we're going. To have someone completely tune in and listen, ask the right questions, and allow you to talk things out is immensely helpful. To explore your thoughts, discover deeper motivations, healthy and unhealthy patterns in a private, supportive environment can lead to improved mood, health and ultimately greater self-fulfillment.

In a client's session, I strive to always offer empathy, nonjudgement, careful listening and insightful observations to help you to learn more about yourself and your life.

Marianne Vernacchia, MFT
"An unexamined life is not worth living."

~ Socrates
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