by Marianne Vernacchia on 06/14/20

Unrest, anxiety, frustration, even fatigue can occur if we are working too hard at something that we cannot or should not control.  How do we know when this is the case?


Ask yourself:


Am I pushing and getting met with resistance? 


Am I overthinking?


Am I trying over and over and it’s still not working?


Am I frustrated with trying to solve a problem?


Am I working at trying to solve someone else’s problem?


Do I feel anxious about timing?  Am I feeling impatient?


Am I exhausted from trying?



Sometimes, it is time to step back.  We may be trying to force or control a situation that we don’t have power over, or isn’t ours to control.  This will always lead to frustration and a sense of defeat.  What if we could recognize that things happen in their own time, driven by forces outside ourselves.  We are not in control of the timing of the world, other people, their paths, the future, and outcomes.  It is okay to let go.  Perhaps there is a better outcome out there, than we, ourselves, could have imagined.  There is a peace in surrendering and letting go.  

I invite you to try it. 



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